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shiny leaves - egg or oval, to broadly elliptic, in shape. Upper leaves are without petiole, while the ol wer leaves have sparseyl, hariy long petioel. Found throughout North America, with the exception of the Rocky Mountains. Dollarweed Hydrocotyle spp. (Dollarweed), also called Pennywort, is a summer perennial weed common in

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  • What Tree Is That? Online. Are the leaves fan-shaped, the veins fanning out from the leaf base, with1 or 2 notches forming LOBES along the MARGIN (the edge of a leaf ...
  • The aluminum plant is an easy to grow species native to China and Vietnam. It's a bush type plant which grows up to 12 inches tall and displays glossy green and silver oval shaped leaves. Place the pilea cadierei in a brightly lit spot with some sunlight to encourage it to thrive and grow well. Pruning each spring encourages new growth and spread.
  • The following is a defined list of terms which are used to describe leaf morphology in the description and taxonomy of plants. Leaves may be simple (a single leaf blade or lamina) or compound (with several leaflets).
  • Leaves only in part palmately lobed (leaves variable on the same tree from unlobed to mitten-shaped): go to 5. 4. Leaves all palmately lobed: go to 6 . 5. Leaves with toothed margins and not aromatic, main veins looping at ends to veins above, sap milky, fruit multiple druplets (a conglomerate of single-seeded fleshy fruits): The leaves are less like the classic maple, more closely resembling the leaves of ivies or ash trees (another common name for this plant is ivy-leaved maple). In shape and size, this small tree looks similar to the Japanese maple and may be used in a similar way as a specimen tree.

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  • Look at the leaves and read the clue. Can you identify the tree that the leaf comes from? ... Name That Leaf. ... It's found in hard, oval-shaped shells. View Images. B. Arma 3 alive
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